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A Rainbow In Curved Air (Revisited) is from a live performance at the Triptych festival, April 26, 2007. Recorded by the BBC and features Terry Riley (synths), Willi Wynant (perc), and Mikail Graham (samples/synths)

Negro Hall, Havana Man and The Ecstasy are excerpts from the Lisbon Concert CD recorded live in Lisbon in 1995.

Buddha's Bedroom, Emily and Alice and Prayer Circle are a excerpted from the Cusp of Magic CD, a Nonesuch cd performed by Kronos Quartet and Wu Man, pipa.

The Sands is excerpted the opening of the concerto for string quartet and orchestra performed by Kronos with the Basel Symphony, Dennis Russell Davies conducting.

Washed Ashore and Goodbye Goodtimes Blues for Millenium's Child are excerpts from the Sri Moonshine Music CD, Banana Humberto. A concerto for piano and electric acoustic band performed by Terry Riley, piano and the Paul Dresher ensemble with soloists Tracy Silverman and Paul Dresher.

Hey Dana is excerpted from a live concert recorded in Padua, Italy of the California Kirana Trio, George Brooks, saxophone, Talvin Singh, tabla and percussion and Terry Riley, voice and piano.

Jewel Movement and Medusa's Refrain are excerpted from the No Man's Land CD, a soundtrack album from the Alan Tanner film, No Man's Land. Music performed by Krishna Bhatt, tabla and sitar and Terry Riley, piano, synths and voice.

Sol is the opening movement of the triple concerto SolTierraLuna for Violin and 2 guitars. The soloists are Krista Bennion Feeney, violin and Gyan Riley, David Tanenbaum guitars. The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia with Ignat Solzhenitsyn conducting....yes, he is the son of the famous Russian novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn!

Sarabande for Iraq is the closing movement of SolTierraLuna.

The Violincellist of Salamanca is excerpted from Four Woelfli Portraits Performed at the Bang on a Can Marathon at MassMoca

La Cigale ...a live improv by Terry Riley Piano and Gyan Riley Guitar at the Festival of Nantes in France.

Terry Riley Piano and Gyan Riley guitar, performing Terry's Las Puertas at the Louth Contemporary Music Societies Festival in Drogheda, Ireland 2007

Concert for Two Pianists and Five Tape Recorders 1959 is performed by La Monte Young and Terry Riley at a noon concert at Hertz Hall U.C. Berkeley. The announcer for the concert was the then music director at the radical fm station, KPFA, Glen Glasow, a wonderful guy, composer and master of japanese cuisine.

Music for the Gift ...1963 (part one) This is the collaboration I did with Chet Baker for Ken Dewey's play, THE GIFT which was performed at the Theatre of Nations festival in Paris. Recorded in the studios of the French Radio,
it is the first example I know of where the technique, I later dubbed, the Time Lag Accumulator has been used. When Chet heard what I was doing with his music he said, "man, that's some crazy sh*t!!! In the performances of The Gift, Chet and his quartet played live against these tapes .

The Bird of Paradise parts 1 & 2....1963... This Is one of the first "cut up" pieces I made upon returning from my two year sojourn in Europe. I was living in San Francisco on Potrero hill and made these pieces at home using an old Viking reel to reel recorder and a borrowed Tascam. In this way I was able to continue the experiments with loops I had begun in Paris with The Gift. The source material was taken from a famous R&B tune. Can you recognize it? The title of the piece came from an old masterful San Francisco DJ, called Russ the Moose. I used to listen to Russ almost every night and he would always sign off with "May the Bird of Paradise eat you face!" and sometimes in this music you get the feeling the old bird is doing just that.

Tread on the Trail, 1965 was written for a rehearsal big band I was playing in at the time that included Jon Gibson, Mel Martin and Bill Douglass. This recording is an excerpt arranged and played by the Arte Saxophone quartet.

Black Woman is a short section from Autodreamographical Tales composed in 1996. Dreams set to music.

The Curse is a scene from the chamber opera, The Saint Adolf Ring. Based on the writings and drawings of the great mad mystic, Adolf Woelfli, this opera was created and glued together with the collaborative talents of John Deaderick, actor and librettist, Mikail Graham, sound designer, show mixer and sampler extraordinaire, Sally Davis, vivacious, singer, actress and visual artist, Frank Ragsdale, visionary video artist who magically animated Woelfli's drawings , Lulu Ezekiel, costumes set design and staging and Terry Riley, composer, piano, synthesizer and voice.
This selection is from a performance in Bern Switzerland, the town where Woefli lived out his life in a mental institution.

The Wooded Glade and the Central Starr March are from The Saint Adolf Ring.

June Buddhas - 224th Chorus, Mexico City Blues for choir and orchestra.
This is the first of three chorus's using Jack Kerouac's poetry from the collection the Mexico City Blues. The Brooklyn Philharmonic, Dennis Russell Davies and Voices Saint Paulia, George Brooks, saxophone soloist.

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