The New Deal Now

Music Of Woody Guthrie


This project was conceived and produced by Mikail Graham and Utah Phillips to showcase some of Woody Guthrie's lesser known songs. It features a collection of many beloved local Nevada County performers

All profits from the sale of these CDs were intended to go directly to the Huntington Foundation to help find a cure for this debilitating disease that took Woody's life much too early.

Approximately 100 copies of this CD were made and many were sold or given away at the Kate Wolfe Festival in 2004. Unfortunately due to Utah's passing and a number of roadblcoks such as licensing issues, no money to complete the project, etc., it has been temporarlity put on hold and is residing in my archives until which time I can firgure out how best to get this wonderful project out into the world once more.

If you love Woody's music and his message which in our opinion is more timely now than ever, please support this project by letting me know and I'll see if we can get some more copies made once more.


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