Studio Clients & Friends


Pandit Pran Nath Ragas Shudh Sarang and Kut Todi

Pandit Pran Nath CD cover

Restoration, Mixed & Mastered


Stephen Holland Find Your Ground

Stephen Holland

Produced, Co-Arranged, Mixed & Mastered, Performer


Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald

Game of DnacesUnbroken ChainInto the CloudsFields of ElysianCalling On LovePaul Kamm & ELeasnore MacDonald "Live"Fools ParadiseLike Water

Editing, Mixing, CD Mastering & Co-Production

acoustic & electric guitars & basses, ebow, keyboards, atmospherics, accordian, bouzouki, sitar, rhythmic bits & more...


Christine & Rob Bonner

Sand CastlesCompanerosFire DanceSatin Rose

Mixing & CD Mastering


Terry Riley

Lisbon Concert Ilike Your Eyes Liberty

*Recorded, Mixed, CD Mastering

Gyan Riley

Food for the Bearded

Recorded, Mixed, CD Mastering

Michael McClure

Ilike Your Eyes Liberty

Recorded, Mixed, CD Mastering


Alasdair Fraser

Fire & Grace

Co-Mixed & Mastered w/Alasdair


Roger Hodgson

Hai HaiRites of Passage

Editing, Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica, Vocals


Utah Phillips

Loafers Glory

Edited, Mixed & Mastered • nominated for a 1997 NAIRD award


Woody Guthrie Tribute • "The New Deal"

The New Deal

Conceived & Produced by Mikail Graham & Utah Phillips


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KVMR 89.5

Greg Brown In ConcertAwakeningNight LIVE

Edited, Mixed & Mastered


Ivan Najera & Tony Unger

Devotion On Top Of The Rain

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered & Co-Produced "Devotion"

Remixed & Remastered (2004) "On Top Of The Rain"


Penelope Smith
Animal Communication Mastery Series CD set

Penelope Smith The Basic Course communicating with animals

Cassette to CD Transfer, Editing, Recording, Mixed & Mastered

Judalynn Garcia • Power Of Love Holistic Healing CD Series

Composer, Performer, Co-Producer, Engineer, Mastering


Lorraine Gervais

session work: Electric Guitar...


Aro Veno

CD Mastering


Ralph Williams

Mixing & CD Mastering



Mixed and CD Mastering


Buck Love & The Humperheads

Co-Mixed & Mastered


The Pyronauts

CD Mastering


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Dr. Emmett Miller

Tape Restoration, Editing, Mixing & CD Mastering


Joe & Paula McHugh • American Family Stories

Various Mixing & Mastering...


Jordan Fisher-Smith

(a noted writer, former park ranger and good friend)

Mixing & Mastering of various radio promos


Stan Zabka

Tape Restoration & CD Mixing/Mastering

Stan cpmposed the original NBC Tonight Show "Chimes" theme and much more...


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CD Mastering



CD Mastering...


Ken Schumacher

CD Mastering & Tech Assistance...


Emerald Mist

Mixing & CD Mastering


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Stephen Holland • Nika's Dream

CD Mastering


Dennis Cumberland AKA Connie Fellini

Arranging, Editing, Mixing & CD Mastering


Tom MacDonald • Surprize

session work: Acoustic & Electric Guitars...


New Albion Records

Project Mixing & Mastering


Red House Records

Project Mixing & Mastering


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plus many other folks whose CDs and FIlms I have had the good fortune to work on such as...

Aaron Lucich (a fine actor, director, film maker and dear friend)

Mathew Owens (new music improvisations for cello)

Joanne Delgado (songwriter/musician, vocalist & mom)

Nick Ivazes (spirit music for trombone & gong)

Real George (a real big band who kicks out great funk, soul & blues)

Chris Skidmore (a master keyboardist, composer and good friend)

Jeff Jones (a good friend, fine guitar player and a very fine songwriter)

Mother Wheel (a great band that is no more but certainly remembered)


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