NCCC History

Nevada County Composers Cooperative, NCCC, was founded as Nevada County Composers Coalition in 1994 to provide the rural audiences of the Sierra Foothills with the opportunity to hear live performances of contemporary American music. Focusing originally on the works of the local founding composers, Terry Riley, Howard Hersh, and William Jay Sydeman, NCCC expanded its programming in 1996 to include a variety of American as well as international works.

NCCC took a striking, new, multi-faceted look in 2000 when the artistic board was increased to include accomplished Nevada County composers David Dvorin, Mikail Graham, Ludi Hinrichs, Darcy Reynolds, and Mark Vance. With this rich, compositional diversity on hand, the coalition became the "cooperative". Due to professional commitments Hersh and Riley became advisory members. The remaining founder, Sydeman, stepped forward as artistic director guiding NCCC through this time of growth. Reynolds and Hinrichs later withdrew to pursue other interests with composers Jerry Grant and Randy McKean joining in the mid 2000's and along with Graham, Sydeman and Vance comprise the current NCCC active composer lineup. The Cooperative puts on several events each year including their annual Wet Ink Festival of New Music; Sound & Vision featuring many works merging film, video, art and performance art; as well as several "Meet The Composer" events featuring various composer works in progress special events. Over the years they have incorporated many talented musicians such: William Barbini, Dmitri Cogan, Vicki Ehrlick, Peter Josheff, Bill Douglass, Lynn Schugren, Matt Darling, Aileen James, Ken Hardin, Rod Baggett and the Nevada Union High School Chamber Choir, The Music in the Mountains Festival Choral; Del Sol String Quartet, among many others.

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Composer, Performer & Radio Overview

NCCC & Mikail Graham bio text info

A composer, performer, producer, and promoter of music in Nevada City, California, with family roots dating back to 1849. Since 1975 he has composed more than 40 original scores for various live theater and independent film projects. Since 1982 Mikail has utilized many Northern California Public Schools to instruct students aged six to sixteen in the art of improvisational composition. He is also the executive producer of The Other Side, an eclectic radio program heard on Tuesday nights from 8pm-10pm at 89.5 FM & simulcast on since August 1978. He is also host and producer of KVMR's monthly The Good News radio show devoted entirely to nothing buy, yes you guessed it Good News! In 2009 Producers Mikail Graham and Julia Boorinakis Harper were awarded a grant from the KVMR National Radio Production Grant Fund through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. With help from the grant the pair created a series of Good News Bites, focusing on uplifting stories that showcase the positive aspects of life on this planet that are so often overlooked by the mainstream media. You can click here to read more about this project and listen any of more than 20 good news bites. More recently he has taken on the persona of "Mumbles" co-hosting The Beer Show with Celebrator Beer News editor and publisher Tom Dalldorf, a show aimed at promoting craft beer knowledge and good beer appreciation, and of course to entertain the KVMR radio audience.

Mikail has toured extensively over the years throughout Europe, Japan, and the USA, assisting composer Terry Riley as well as recording and performing with Roger Hodgson, formerly of the pop group Supertramp. He has been a producer and mixing engineer for numerous music releases featuring Terry Riley, Gyan Riley, and Michael McClure, as well as independent regional artists such as Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald, Ivan Najera & Tony Unger, Christine and Rob Bonner, and many others. In 1997 he produced and mixed the Red House Records CD release Loafer's Glory for folk legend Utah Phillips which was nominated for a NAIRD award.

Mikail has mixed, produced, arranged, recorded and or performed on numerous local and regional records since the mid 1970s. Some of his most favorite works include Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Terry & Gyan Riley, Michael McClure, Ivan Najera & Tony Unger, Stephen Holland, Connie Fellini, Christine & Rob Bonner, Buck Love & The Humperheads, Rites Of Passage, and many more.

He is currently the General Manager at The Center For The Arts in Grass Valley CA, having been a part of this community organization since June of 2008. He also serves on the board of Hospitality House Shelter and has been producing the annual Night Of Giving benefit for the homeless since 2005.

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Brief Tech Work History Overview

From the early 1980s onward Mikail worked as both a beta tester and consultant for many early pioneering pro-audio & MIDI companies such as Atari Computers, digidesign, Hyrbid Arts, Ensoniq, Eventide, Steinberg and others. In 1986 he was hired by C-LAB Software (known for their Creator & Notator software programs) to head their North Amserican office. In the early 90's the principles from C-LAB left to form emagic, creators of Logic Studio and it's siblings such as Garage Band. Mikail was there from the beginnings and is respected internationally as the co-founder of emagic Inc., one of the world's leading manufacturers of MIDI, scoring, & digital audio recording software now owned by Apple Computers. During the mid 1990's through 2001 he worked as an evangelical personality for many music technology companies such as BIAS, Digidesign, Lexicon and Steinberg Media Technologies to name but a few. In 2001 he worked for Universal Audio as Vice President of Marketing and Product Development helping to create UA's NIGEL guitar processor UAD-1 plug-in. In 2005 he worked with Japanese based DSP company ZOOM to help create their new G series effects processors including the G2 & G2.1u, A2 & A2.1u, G7 & G9 floor processors. Since late 2015 he has been working with the software and hardware company WAVES on a new series of products called Nx introducing stereo and surround mixing to headphones in ways not previously possible. Truly a revolutionary technology, Nx lets one work with Ambisonic and multi-channel audio virtually anywhere on Mac, PC, iOS and Android platforms.


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