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• a collection of sound paintings 1988-1998 •

Since the mid 1960s I have been painting with sound using ambient recordings, spoken word, along with various instruments both acoustic and electric, plus whatever else happened to feel like it should included. This was my first collection these works I’ve chosen to share with the outside world. I do hope you enjoy these little vignettes of happy accidents many of which are like dear old friends of mine. May I suggest finding a quiet place to just relax and enjoy the journey. I’m always happy to hear from folks as to what their listening experience is like so feel free to drop me a cyber note at: mikailgraham @

Namaste, may we all find peace within & without…

Mikail Graham




Composed for J. Michael James digital imagery.
This work has been a featured piece on display at several galleries and shown at various New Music festivals.

You can watch a streaming video of this collection on my Film & Video page.
Feel free to ontact me about purchasing a copy of the film on DVD.



SPIRITS OF THE SKY • 1978-1985

A collection of works inspired by more than half a century of dreams and journeys into the other side of the night…



Music and sound design scored for Daine Fetterly's 1986 production of Orpheus Descending, for the Foot Hill Theater Company, and presented at the historic Nevada Theater in Nevada City CA.

This release includes several lost tracks that were never used in the original production.



OTHER WORKz • TMW™ • 2002-2016

A selection of soundtracks from films and performances created by Two Minds Working™, featuring menlo macfarlane & mikail graham.




My Wife The Amphibian 2003

This isthe first film that Menlo Macfarlane and I made together under our Two Minds Working© partnership. You can find the entire film plus several others on my FIlm/Video page



First off, this album is not easy listening nor is it intended to put a smile on your face while listening. This collection is full of (for the most part) previously unreleased tracks spanning the past forty years. It leans heavily towards the experimental and musique concrete side of my tastes more than not. It is not intended to be friendly, but not exactly revolting either.

It's really more like some old friends that have been hanging around in my basement and some in the attic for a long long time and I figured I best share them before the tapes all disintegrate into the ether. Honestly some of the more odd pieces I've ever created reside here, these works quite often used sound bites from films such as John Huston's Wiseblood, spoken word snippets from Jack Kerouac, Andy Warhol poetry, along with various voices mixed with odd sound & music that add a sense of angst, dealing with semi political or religious ethics, and at times with a humorous bent.

I hope there will be more pieces from these muses in the coming years.

As always I hope you enjoy or at least find some of it interesting.




Other Work'z is a collection of various scores from my years working with various directors such as Diane Fetterly, Sharon Winegar, and John Deaderick. Unfortunately much of my 30+ scores with FTC between 1975 -1992 are MIA, so what you'll find here is currently all I have available, and fairly archival quality wise at that.

This collection also includes pieces composed for various new music festivals and special events with the Nevada County Composers Cooperative. And of course there's also a few incidental pieces for 'other' productions included just for the fun of it. I do hope you enjoy…



OTHER WORK'z VOL 1 • 1985-1995

A collection of sketches and ideas that I've been keeping to myself for way too long.
I guess t's mostly due to my finicky tastes and of course the mix, the sound, and how "it never seem to be quite right" - ouch!

Ah well, here's the first batch with all the warts and blemishes and more.
Hope you find some enjoyment here.




A series of groove beds created for the 1998 Frankfurt Messe. Made for jamming with my old pal & top-dog Propellorhead Gerry Basserman.