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All of the 8 Two Minds Working © films below are available on DVD
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My Wife The Amphibian - a short film by mikail graham & menlo macfarlane

At the center of this little tale about the amphibian lies an allegorical hole you can fall through if you choose. It's down there beneath the telling of the story that you'll find the pond. Not the one my wife's in but your own. "What are you looking for there in the pond?", I inquired of my wife, one day a long time ago. "Not you, that's for sure!"she replied hastily. "You artists are like puppets from another universe. Lost at sea on some stormy summer's night." "Are you pulling my strings darling?" I said to her without thinking. "It's a soulful thing, dear husband. It's not about you and me, sweetheart." It's about me and me." "Oh! okay dear, that's nice, I guess." Then I went indoors to sit in the bathtub till the kids got home from school.

menlo macfarlane
© 2002 TMW


Falling From A Comet Into The Sea - Two Minds Working

This version was adapted from a live theatrical presentation created by Mikail Graham & Menlo Macfarlane and presented at the NCCC New Music Fest 2003
Translated and edited into a film by Mikail Graham in 2007
© 2003 The Other S.M.C.
video, music & sound design: Mikail Graham • choreography, set design, masks: Menlo Macfarlane


Lying In The Wake - Two Minds Working

A look at the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster from several viewpoints.
Film creation & music score - Mikail Graham • text & narration - Menlo Macfarlane © 2006 TMW


Breakfast In America - Two Minds Working

A little film about breakfast conversations in America, you know, you see the news and you wonder, is it important? Oone could say it is, I wonder if its more a question of boredom? maybe it works like a supermarket where you have the products placed in front of you like an opiate, I mean what is this world coming to?
menlo macfarlane • mikail graham
© 2007 TMW


Breakfast at the Monastary - Two Minds Working

"everywhere I go they are blowing people up... if I stayed still would that save lives? I wonder... the real trick to surviving in todays society is to stay in motion - ALWAYS... statistics show that nomadic people can't be counted because they won't stand still... the truth is out there and its moving away from most of us"...
menlo macfarlane • mikail graham
© 2007 TMW


And Then The Line Went Dead - Two Minds Working

A short film about the banality and futility of communicating in the modern world. You know, the way we all e-mail and cell phone one another instead of taking the time to actually see each other face to face.
Remember that way of living? Seems few of us do...
menlo macfarlane • mikail graham
© 2007 TMW


Mexican Dentista - Two Minds Working
Why Should We Pay Artists?

Times are more than tough and most all of us are suffering in one way or another from the hard economic times befalling the world around us.
So again, why should we pay artists? Perhaps just think about it and then follow your heart and mind down the road that feels best for you.

This short film was adapted from a performance art piece originally performed at a benefit concert for the Nevada County Composers Cooperative on November 30, 2007... mikail graham • menlo macfarlance
© 2007 TMW


Behind The Blue Door - Two Minds Working

Liquid story art from under the ocean focusing on explorations into the absence of human e motion and the power of extraterrestrial prayer.
Performed at the 2008 NCCC Wet Ink New Music Festiva.l
Mikail Graham Menlo Macfarlane
© 2008 TMW


Confusional - 2012 is just the beginning
a short film by mikail graham...

A somewhat idyllic journey through the ocean of life ~ swimming through a disoriented state of mind into a peaceful place in the unknown. Many feel that 2012 will be the end of the world due to this being the end year of the Mayan calendar, ah yes you gotta love humanity.

This piece was originally created for the 2009 Nevada County Composers Cooperative "Sound & Vision Festival", a bi-annual event focusing on mixed media including film, music, performance art and spoken word.

mikail graham - March 8, 2009 - © The Other S.M.C.


the doors - Two Minds Working
NCCC "Wet Ink" 2009 live perfromance
a short tribute to the doors by menlo macfarlane & mikail graham...

"For tens of thousands of years human beings have been using doors to enter rooms, hallways and back yards, to get onto rooftops, to open cars, coffins, and the occasional mind. Some say that even the moon has a door in it. A door made of cheese."

Mr. Graham and Mr. Macfarlane were able to determine that the average person, who is not that average after all, opens on the average about 550,000 doors during their lifetime. 550,000 doors in 75 years, 7,333 doors a year, 611 doors a month, 152 doors a week, down to a mere 22 doors a day. So lets round it off at a door an hour. A door an hour. Whether opened, closed or locked, doors are and have always been a part of our lives.

The video is a live performance of their tribute to the doors we all enter and exit throughout our lives...

This work was perfromed for the 2009 Nevada County Composers Cooperative "Wet Ink Festival of New Music".

mikail graham • menlo macfarlance
© 2009 TMW

Virtual Sculpture - 2001
Composed for J. Michael James digital imagery.

This work has been a featured piece on display at several galleries and shown at various New Music festivals.

Feel free to contact me about purchasing a copy of the film on DVD.




also of possible interest (below) are a two other select pieces including a 2009 interview with the NCCC and a 2008 Gardyloo interview...

NCTV Interviews
Nevada County Composers Cooperative

NCTV Interviews - Gardyloo
with Ludi Hinrichs & Menlo Macfarlane



Note: these films below will be available for viewing again at some point...

Menlo Macfarlane & me plus the Xposed show art created by artist Barbara Michealman

X-Posed: An Overview of the Artist's work from the Studio 131 show
© 2004 The Other S.M.C.
video, music & sound design:
Mikail Graham
digital photo creation:
Menlo Macfarlane

images from the Big Fun

BIG FUN - "A Love Letter"
©1989 The Other S.M.C.
video: Frank Ragsdale
music: Nurse With Wound



Episode #12: "The F-Word "
(excerpt from the X-Posed Digital Night)
audio: Monty Python
animation: Steve Leyland