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CLAN: Graham • MOTTO: Do Not Forget
CREST: A Falcon Wings Displayed Proper with Gold Beak & Talons Preying on a Silver Stork with Red Claws

Sir William de Graham accompanied King David the First at his coronation & witnessed the Charter of Holyrood Abbey in 1128
The Clan acquired lands in Strathearn & Stirlingshire. The Chiefship is vested in Duke of Montrose.

• that's only the nice parts •

me in 1958 & 1961

me in 1958 & 1961, dang I like this little guy!


me in 1961

me in 1966 trying to look like a surfer - not!


me with my Grandma in 1982 at Xmas time

my dear sweet Grandma Xmas 1982


me in 1963 & again in 1964

me in 1963 & in 1964 trying to comb my curly hair like a Beatle w/no luck


me in 1962

me with a broken leg in 1967
which btw forever changed my life


me in 1968 working in the studio and the classic High School Grad oic that never happened

me in 1968 messing with audio & alsomy 1972
high school grad shot that never happened...



I sure did & do love my gram!



geez oh man my older brothers
were quite the characters!



my first Fender Stratocaster (1963), a gift from my mom & dad while I was in the hopsital with a broken leg at 12 years young! it cost all of $179 used then - OI!

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my youngest brother Kelly, mom, me and my sister Becky - 198?


Mom & Dad

my Mom & Dad on a date in the early 50's

Mom & Dad out on a date in San Francisco the early 1950's - pre-me


my Dad a few years before he passed, sure loved this guy, he was quite the cowboy trucker to boot!


my Dad and the Obit we wrote for him

my Dad





mom in the 70's

my mom in the 70's


me with my Dad & Uncle John and another shot with my Dad and my dear Helen from Australia with old friend from Amsterdam Tim Ward peeking over

me, my Dad and my Uncle John at my brother Kelly's wedding in the early 90's and at Cirinos in NC with my old gf Helen visiting from Australia...


the Altar I created for the 2004 Altarista Show

The Altar I made for my Father one year after his passing for the 2003 Alteres del Mundo Show in Nevada County CA...




mom in the 80's

my mom in the 80's


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my mom as a teenager in a dance show before she got polio

my mom at 16 (2nd from right) in a promo shot for a school show before she came down with polio... a side note, she was never supposed to walk again but she worked extra hard and managed to do so with a slight limp and even danced now & then for almost 65 years!


Mom's last birthday June 27, 2007


not so sure about cake with too much icing!

mom & my youngest brother Kelly sharing some smiles


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Shots from one of our Family Cattle Drives
the cows ilved up around Graniteville in the summer and then we herded em' down to Smartville for the winter
my cousin Andy still herds cattle and works with them daily

my dad and Foxy his smilin' cow dog


my Uncle Jake aka "Fremont"

he's my cousin Andy's dad


at the end of the day all I could hear was moo! moo! moo!
ringing in my ears like I'd been to a rock concert, but instead of rinigng it was cows mooin!



my grampa Charlie, he used to give me a $1 when i came to visit him
one time he gace me a $5 bill!


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my first Rolling Stone mag, given to me via my Dad by the "Swami" aka Donald Walters and opened my eyes to an 'other world' that changed my life forever

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Monie Stretching 2007


Monie in the Kitchen 2007


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Monie Eating Ice Cream 2007


the Monie




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